The Malua BioBank offers the opportunity to engage your company, brand and customers with some of the world's most charismatic and vulnerable wildlife and provides an exciting way to contribute towards the protection and conservation of globally threatened rainforest in Borneo.

Through the purchase of Biodiversity Conservation Certificates (BCCs), businesses can play a pioneering role in supporting an innovative business model that protects significant rainforest, add value to their brand through driving forward sustainable business and address supply chain impacts.

The project is underpinned by robust commercial contracts and structures. A transparent mechanism is in place to ensure financial contributions are properly accounted for. Every BCC purchased is retired through the publicly viewable Markit Environmental Registry providing complete transparency.

Customer engagement
Consumer concern is growing over deforestation linked to growth of agricultural commodities, particularly palm oil. The purchase of BCCs provides the opportunity for companies to demonstrate their acknowledgement of environmental concerns beyond existing commitments.

We supply co-branded certificates with your company or brand, which can be generated on-the-fly for your customers, in a range of designs and colours.

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How does it work?